This week in Westminster was dominated by Theresa May's speech on the future of the UK's relationship with the EU which was delivered on Tuesday at Lancaster House.  This speech confirmed the worst fears of many of my constituents, that the Prime Minister plans to put her own party problems ahead of the economic needs of the nation by implementing a Hard Brexit. She also chose to completely ignore the advice of hundreds of experts who have warned her that prioritising controlling immigration above all else will result in long term damage to our economy. While I am not surprised by the contents of this speech, I do not believe it gave any consideration to the desire of nearly half the UK's population and more than 60% of Scots to stay in the EU. The path Theresa May has taken us down will inevitably have severe economic consequences, as is evidenced by the rising inflation which threatens to push more families into poverty in the near future. I will continue to campaign for as close a relationship with the EU as possible over the next few months as I believe that is what is best for Scotland and it is what my constituents voted for.

BEIS Committee meeting

This week the BEIS Committee met in private to discuss some of our recent evidence sessions and to make plans for where we need to focus our work going forward. A number of our current inquiries are progressing well and will report soon, such as our work on Industrial Strategy and Corporate Governance. We are also looking at what this Government's climate change agenda should be in the light of Brexit and starting an inquiry on the future world of work. These reports are supposed to guide future policy planning by the department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy as well as casting a critical eye over their current policies.  As soon as any of these reports are published, I will share them widely on social media.

APPG Fair Business Banking Event

Also this week the All Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking held its launch event. This APPG aims to create a level playing field for business that is often championed in rhetoric but does not exist in reality. As a vice chair of this group I work with MPs from all parties to try and correct the imbalance between banks and businesses. At the successful launch event a number of MPs and banking executives turned up and I hope we will be able to create a fairer banking system for all in the future.

Clydesdale Bank Closure

The news that Clydesdale bank plan to close their branch in South Queensferry came through to my office this week. I have now arranged a meeting with Clydesdale to discuss this as a number of my constituents have expressed concerns about this situation. If you are a customer of Clydesdale bank in South Queensferry and you will be affected by this closure, please get in touch with my office via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Finally this week I was back in the constituency on Friday for another packed surgery. My surgeries next week are in Ratho Community Centre (9.30 AM), Kirkliston Library (10.30 AM) and Roseberry Hall, South Queensferry (11.30). If you wish to book an appointment for one of these surgeries, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or drop in on the day.

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