Today saw the publication of a second report into a national retailer - this time, it was the joint committee enquiry into the collapse of British Home Stores (BHS) earlier this year.

Members of both the BIS Committee and Parliament's Work and Pensions Committee came together to conduct the enquiry into the series of events which led to the collapse of the company, and in particular, the consequences for the pensions of employees.

The report followed months of evidence gathering, including one session with the former owner, Sir Philip Green, whose off-loading of the company seems to have contributed significantly to its eventual collapse.

Our enquiry concluded that the sale of the firm to Dominic Chappell by Mr Green sealed the company's fate and demonstrated a lack of leadership at the company which has left its employees facing an uncertain future following the closure of all stores last week. This is compunded by Mr Green's failure to resolve the £571m pension deficit, which proved to be a major factor in the demise of BHS.

The demise of BHS - and the issues highlighted in the BIS Report on Sports Direct last week - both serve to demonstrate that there are some serious underlying issues with corporate governance in this country which need to be addressed urgently.

We cannot continue to allow companies to behave in an irresponsible manner which puts the livelihoods of so many at risk and this is something I will continue to look at in the coming months.

The full report is available on the Parliament website.

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