Michelle Thomson, SNP MSP for Falkirk East constituency, has welcomed the announcement that the Transvaginal Mesh Removal Reimbursement Scheme is to open on 6 June.

Ms Thomson is urging any woman who has had to pay for surgery to claim their money back through the scheme.


The SNP has described Anas Sarwar as an apologist for Westminster Tory cuts and that he is ‘airbrushing austerity’ as he argued that Westminster has kept Scotland’s public services funded – despite more than a decade of Tory cuts.

The Scottish Labour leader said that the Chancellor’s windfall tax announcement was an argument for Westminster control in Scotland – even though 90% of the revenue generated will come from oil and gas extraction in Scotland.

Commenting, SNP MSP Michelle Thomson said: “Scotland’s public services have suffered more than a decade of Tory cuts, but now Anas Sarwar has become an apologist for those cuts and airbrushing austerity by incredibly arguing that Westminster control has kept public services funded.

“The windfall tax is once again Westminster using Scotland as its cash cow whenever it feels like it, as 90% of the revenue will come from profits made in Scotland.

“That is what the people of Scotland get under Westminster control – cuts to services and then banking on our resources to prop them up when they need it.

“Anas Sarwar’s Labour party failed to capitalise on Scotland’s oil and gas sector and that legacy is being felt now with thousands of households in fuel poverty and terrified to open their bills when they land on their doorstep.

“This is not the first time we have seen Anas Sarwar cosy up to the Tories and, as his grubby deals with the Tories in councils across Scotland show, it will not be the last.”


With Labour expected to be propped up by Tory votes in West Lothian, East Renfrewshire and Edinburgh the SNP has said that Labour councillors are rewarding the Tories with the keys to power in councils across Scotland despite Anas Sarwar’s election day appeal to voters not to reward ‘toxic, out of touch, and corrupt’ Tories with their votes. Sarwar even described Douglas Ross’s defence of Boris Johnson as “disgusting”.

Across the country, Labour are either sitting on their hands to allow the Tories to run councils or handing Tories high-profile positions in return for votes to form minority administrations.

The SNP has said 'the cat has been let out of the bag' after former Tory frontbencher, Adam Tomkins, has admitted that Scotland would vote 'Yes' in an independence referendum.

Writing in the Herald, Tomkins cites Brexit, Covid mismanagement, the callous disregard and corruption of the Tory UK government, and Boris Johnson as some of the reasons the people of Scotland would vote for independence.

Rishi Sunak’s pitiful 5p cut has been wiped out due to the rising cost of fuel at the petrol pumps.

According to the RAC’s UK fuel price tracker, on the day the Tory Chancellor introduced the cut, unleaded was 167.30p and diesel was 179.72p per litre.

Latest figures show that after an initial reduction unleaded has increased by nearly 4p a litre and diesel has increased by 5p a litre. The RAC also predicts that prices will rise further, putting even more pressure on household budgets.


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