The SNP has said 'the cat has been let out of the bag' after former Tory frontbencher, Adam Tomkins, has admitted that Scotland would vote 'Yes' in an independence referendum.

Writing in the Herald, Tomkins cites Brexit, Covid mismanagement, the callous disregard and corruption of the Tory UK government, and Boris Johnson as some of the reasons the people of Scotland would vote for independence.

Rishi Sunak’s pitiful 5p cut has been wiped out due to the rising cost of fuel at the petrol pumps.

According to the RAC’s UK fuel price tracker, on the day the Tory Chancellor introduced the cut, unleaded was 167.30p and diesel was 179.72p per litre.

Latest figures show that after an initial reduction unleaded has increased by nearly 4p a litre and diesel has increased by 5p a litre. The RAC also predicts that prices will rise further, putting even more pressure on household budgets.


The SNP has challenged Scottish Tory Leader, Douglas Ross, to condemn Rishi Sunak's comments that it would be "silly" to provide more support to help families struggling with the Cost of Living crisis.

The Tory Chancellor made the comments last week when he confirmed that he won’t consider much needed, further support to help households with the current pressure of rising costs.


People in Scotland are still receiving the fairest tax deal compared with the rest of the UK amidst the Tory National Insurance hikes.

For 2022/23, Scottish median earners can expect to pay £18.79 less than median earners in England and Wales. In total, median earners in Scotland will pay £2,661.41 in income tax, whilst those in England and Wales will pay £2,680.20.

Whilst the average band D council tax payers in Scotland will pay £619 less than those in England and £430 less than the equivalent in Wales.

Leading a debate on International Women’s Day (IWD) today, SNP MSP Michelle Thomson will dedicate the debate to the women and girls caught up in the conflict following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The debate is taking place in advance of IWD 2022 which takes place on 8th March. This year’s theme is Break The Bias and seeks to highlight the impact of bias, both conscious and unconscious, on women and girls and to imagine a world free of bias, stereotype and discrimination.

Michelle Thomson MSP is asking all MSPs participating to join her in dedicating the debate to the women and girls caught up in the current conflict following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


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