It has been a busy month since Parliament returned from summer recess. As you read through my monthly newsletter, you will find out more about my work within both the constituency, the Scottish Parliament and even further afield!

Each year, the first week back after summer recess focuses on the Programme for Government. 11 Bills will continue their journey through the Scottish Parliament this year, and a further 14 Bills will be introduced to the Scottish Parliament for the first time. 18 Bills were passed last session.

Much of the Programme for Government 2023/24 centres around equality, opportunity and community. With the Westminster Tory government repeatedly introducing disastrous initiatives and policies, the Scottish Government finds itself having to siphon off large amounts of its funding from Barnett Consequentials to mitigate many of these damaging Westminster proposals. Instead of allocating funding to improving a whole host of devolved responsibilities, the Scottish Government is having to re-allocate huge amount of funding to introduce initiatives which buffer the effects of Tory mismanagement and try to combat the increasing costs seen in England, Ireland and Wales.

It should not be the case that Scotland relies on Barnett Consequentials from a calamitous Tory led Westminster for funding, funding which is then used to combat the lamentable actions of that same Tory government. The people of Scotland deserve better, and only with independence can we strive to control our own finances for policies and initiative which benefit the people of Scotland.

I was delighted to receive the Holyrood Magazine : Political Hero of the Year Award, which were held at the start of September. The Awards also recognised the work of the Finance and Public Administration Committee in winning the “Powering Change” award. My sincere thanks to Holyrood Magazine for a very enjoyable event and to everyone who voted.







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