This week I was pleased to raise matters of importance to the Grangemouth and wider Falkirk East community through questioning at the Economy and Fair Work Committee’s enquiry into a Just Transition for the Grangemouth area. You can read more about this and watch my contribution to committee on previous social media posts here:
During parliamentary general questions, I asked the Minister for Mental Wellbeing and Social Care for information on the publication of a report into neurodevelopmental pathway trials and potential rollout timescales across the NHS. I was particularly keen to highlight the difficulties faced by women and girls in obtaining timely and adequate support for ADHD diagnosis and how government planned to address this issue as work progresses towards a new pathway rollout. You can watch my contribution in parliament and read more on this on previoussocial media posts here
I was delighted to chair the cross-party working group on Music this week, and particularly to hear from the Glasgow Barons on the excellent work they do and their exciting upcoming Govan Music Festival, which you can find more about here
Given the impact of energy costs on local constituents, I was keen to find out more about smart meters and other ways to save energy and very much enjoyed the discussion at the Smart Energy GB stand in parliament this week. Visit – find out more.
Finally, I am always delighted to highlight the achievements of local constituents & groups through parliamentary motions which recognise their success. This week I was delighted to submit motions congratulating Kyle Campbell on being selected for the Young People's Sport Panel and also ex-Grangemouth High pupil Abby Cook on being named 42nd Blue Peter Presenter. Well done to them both.


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