Earlier this week, I was delighted to receive notification that my motion on “Taliban Suppression of Women and Girls in Afghanistan” has received the required cross-party support to proceed to a debate within parliament.  This is a crucial international issue which we must see sustained pressure from governments and international agencies to assist with, but also a matter close to home, as we support women and girls fleeing Taliban suppression who have resettled and Scotland. You can read the full text of my motion on the following link and watch my page for further information when this is tabled for debate - https://www.parliament.scot/chamber-and-committees/votes-and-motions/S6M-07924

Through my role in the Economy and Fair Work Committee, I was pleased to contribute to both the parliamentary debate on Retail and Town Centres in Scotland and the committee enquiry into A Just Transition for the Grangemouth area.

You can watch my contributions to both by visiting my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MichelleThomsonSNP

During the enquiry questions, I was keen to focus on the theme of community benefit, and was interested to hear from the panel on how collectively, all stakeholders can ensure that the needs of communities in and around Grangemouth can be met in partnership with the new economic opportunities that a Just Transition will bring. I was also pleased to highlight the importance of putting women and girls at the heart of the development of the Just Transition from the outset.

It was fantastic to see Cycling Without Age in the parliament this week and get a chance to stop by and visit local volunteers from this wonderful organisation. Their connection with Falkirk District from their outset in Scotland in 2017 is something I know local residents are extremely proud of and remember with fondness the stories coming out of Carrondale Care Home and the joy brought to residents from feeling the “wind in their hair”. Their success in spreading across the country since then has been remarkable and fuelled by indomitable volunteers. I was also delighted to recognise this in a parliamentary motion last month which you can access here : https://www.parliament.scot/chamber-and-committees/votes-and-motions/S6M-07662

I was also pleased to host a successful reception in Parliament for The Bottom Line, with a variety of interesting presentations and engaging discussion on the topic of “Elevating the debate on Independence and  the Scottish Economy”. You can find out more about their mission to invigorate the debate on the economics of Scottish independence by visiting their website here : https://thebottomline.scot/


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