This week I was delighted to be able to host the 300th Anniversary of Adam Smith event in the Scottish Parliament. Adam Smith is often hailed as one of the founding fathers of economics, and his work is still just as important and influential today as it was back then.

Alongside my Parliamentary work, I was able to meet with several people and businesses operating in my constituency.

I met with IBioIC, who specialise in turning waste produce into fuels. Further to their integral business, they are also providing huge training and development opportunities across Scotland in the green energy sector.

I visited Jenkins Fabrications in Reddingmuirhead this week. They have been operating since 1958 and create a number of important steel fabrications for the local area and Scotland.

Following his appointment as the local Area Commander, I was pleased to be able to meet with Chief Inspector Liam Harman to discuss issues within Falkirk East.

I am a great supporter of encouraging young people to fulfil their potential. This week I also met with Professor Ken Thomson OBE, Principal and Chief Executive of Forth Valley College to discuss education and how best to support the further education sector.


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