I had both my committees to attend this week – Finance and the Economy and Fair Work Committees.

On Tuesday I hosted the first in-person CPG on Music since before the Covid-19 pandemic. I was delighted to be able to welcome performers from Music Venues Trust and the City of Edinburgh Music School. Khaleda Noon from Intercultural Youth Scotland spoke about racial inequalities in the music sector and Beverley Whitrick from Music Venues Trust spoke about the importance of keeping our music venues supported. I look forward to our next meeting in March 2023.

I met with Reed in Partnership earlier in the week to discuss the delivery of the Job Entry: Targeted Support Scheme in Scotland. We discussed how Scotland can continue to make similar employability programmes successful in the future.

On Thursday I met with the SSPCA in The Scottish Parliament alongside several other MSPs. The SSPCA have launched their #SayNoToPuppyDealers campaign and even brought along some puppies for a cuddle!


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