It’s no surprise to learn it has been another busy week in the constituency and parliament.

In parliament I asked questions about what steps we can take to make sure Scotland’s economy works for ordinary people and another question about the Tory budget failing yet again at First Ministers Questions. 

I was humbled to meet a couple who spoke movingly about the loss of their daughter to pancreatic cancer - this is a dangerous form of cancer that can remain undetected until it is too late.  

The cost of living event held in Callendar Square by myself, Martyn Day MP, John McNally MP and Michael Matheson MSP was sadly necessary. I am very aware that people need practical help and support as we approach a difficult period and I was pleased I was able to give advice to those in need. 

Finally I enjoyed attending the business breakfast hosted by Scottish Renewables - Scotland has so much to offer in renewable energy technology. It’s not just about lessening our reliance on greenhouse gases but using our green energy in its abundance to lower our energy bills in Scotland.


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