The SNP has said 'the cat has been let out of the bag' after former Tory frontbencher, Adam Tomkins, has admitted that Scotland would vote 'Yes' in an independence referendum.

Writing in the Herald, Tomkins cites Brexit, Covid mismanagement, the callous disregard and corruption of the Tory UK government, and Boris Johnson as some of the reasons the people of Scotland would vote for independence.

SNP MSP Michelle Thomson has said that Tomkins' admission that Scotland would vote 'Yes' demonstrates exactly why the Tories are against giving people the democratic choice - 'they know they’ll lose.'

Commenting SNP MSP Michelle Thomson said: "The cat has been let out of the bag and now we see the only reason the Tories are against giving people the democratic choice over their future in an independence referendum is because they're running scared - they know they’ll lose."

"Adam Tomkins is clearly more alive to the mood of the people of Scotland than the Tory colleagues he left behind in the Scottish Parliament - or perhaps he's just more honest.

"People across Scotland have overwhelmingly voted for an independence referendum and it is undeniable that as they continue to be forced to live with the cuts, corruption and cruelty of Westminster control, they know that a better future is possible as an independent country - and will vote for it when they have the chance."

"As has been long suspected, a fear of the result of an independence referendum is the most likely reason why the Tory party continue to stand in the way of one taking place in a Trump-like denial of democracy."


Adam Tomkins: Three unspeakable truths about independence and indyref2


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