The SNP has challenged Scottish Tory Leader, Douglas Ross, to condemn Rishi Sunak's comments that it would be "silly" to provide more support to help families struggling with the Cost of Living crisis.

The Tory Chancellor made the comments last week when he confirmed that he won’t consider much needed, further support to help households with the current pressure of rising costs.

The leader of the Scottish Tory party has been silent on the Chancellor's remarks for the past 4 days but SNP MSP Michelle Thomson has said it's time for Douglas Ross to "stop running away - he must make it clear if he agrees with Sunak."

Commenting SNP MSP Michelle Thomson said: "It is insulting for Rishi Sunak to label it 'silly' for his Tory government to step up and take action to help families seriously struggling right now - either the Tories don't understand or don't care but whichever it is, it is disgraceful.

"Douglas Ross needs to stop running away from the Tory Westminster leadership and make it clear whether he agrees with his Chancellor's disgraceful comments or whether he agrees with the SNP that the Tory government must do much more immediately.

"People across Scotland deserve to know and then they can make their own judgement about that at the council elections on Thursday.

"The SNP is taking action with the powers at our disposal but most of the levers and resources to tackle the Tory cost of living crisis lie with Westminster, who are failing to lift a finger to use them.

"On Thursday, vote SNP to elect compassionate local representatives who will stand up to the callous, corrupt and out of touch Tory government."


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