People in Scotland are still receiving the fairest tax deal compared with the rest of the UK amidst the Tory National Insurance hikes.

For 2022/23, Scottish median earners can expect to pay £18.79 less than median earners in England and Wales. In total, median earners in Scotland will pay £2,661.41 in income tax, whilst those in England and Wales will pay £2,680.20.

Whilst the average band D council tax payers in Scotland will pay £619 less than those in England and £430 less than the equivalent in Wales.

The fairer tax system is just one measure by the SNP Scottish Government to tackle the spiralling Tory cost of living crisis – which has been ‘compounded’ by the Chancellor’s hike in National Insurance.

Commenting, SNP MSP Michelle Thomson said: “In Scotland we are continuing to build a tax system that is not only fairer than in England and Wales, but is putting extra cash in the pockets of those on the lowest incomes in Scotland whilst ensuring those that can pay more tax do so.

“It is a tale of two governments as the Tories hike National Insurance, a regressive tax that impacts those on the lowest incomes. Once again, the Tories are looking after their rich pals and donors, with this tax hike on those on the lowest incomes compounding the cost of living crisis.

“The fairer tax system is just one of several measures the SNP Scottish Government is taking to ease the pressure from the spiralling Tory cost of living crisis. People in Scotland receive the best deal on council tax already and will receive a £150 payment to help ease the pressure further. In Scotland we have also more than doubled the Scottish Child Payment and uprated social security by 6%.

“However, the Scottish Government continues to support people in Scotland with hand tied behind its back by Westminster. It is only with the full powers of independence that we can build a fairer country.”






Income Tax for UK's Median Wage for All Employees 


£2,680.20 (both)

Average Band D Council Tax





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