Michelle Thomson, SNP MSP for Falkirk East, has put forward a motion to the Scottish Parliament to recognise the bravery of Bo’ness local, 10-year-old Aaron Hunter.

Aaron was named Daily Record Pride of Scotland’s Child of Courage for 2021 for the challenges he has faced in living with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and being the first child in the world to undergo a “hear-in-a-box” procedure. The awards ceremony is to be televised on STV at 8pm on Tuesday 27 July.

Commenting, Michelle Thomson MSP, Falkirk East constituency, said: “I was delighted to recognise the bravery of this young Bonessian to Parliament. The significant challenges Aaron, and his family, have faced in his life so far is extraordinary, and I had to highlight this to my parliamentary colleagues as soon as I learned of his story.

“Aaron’s courage, and the bravery of his family, should set an example to us all that we can find it within ourselves to persevere and overcome the most challenging of situations.

“I fully congratulate Aaron on being named Child of Courage at the Pride of Scotland awards for 2021, and wish him and his family a future filled with good health and happiness.”

Ms Thomson’s motion is as follows:

Aaron Hunter, Pride of Scotland Child of Courage

That the Parliament recognises the bravery of 10-year-old Aaron Hunter from Bo’ness following his Pride of Scotland Child of Courage award, presented to him at an awards ceremony on 7 July 2021; understands that Aaron has faced significant challenges being born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, meaning he had only half a heart; recognises that Aaron was the first child in the world to undergo a “heart-in-a-box” procedure, where the organ is kept functioning outside the human body while being transported for any transplant to take place; praises the resilience and patience of his family and friends for the difficult period they have faced in supporting Aaron; notes the pioneering ability of the NHS, where adversity is regularly met with the competent professionalism and the desire to ensure the safety and health of all patients, even when faced with stressful and uncertain situations; congratulates Aaron on being recognised as the Pride of Scotland Awards’ Child of Courage 2021, and wishes him and his family health and happiness.


More information can be found on the Pride of Scotland website.

Motion to the Scottish Parliament can be found on the Scottish Parliament website


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